Jason Wages


Hi! I've been typing away at the keyboard for over two decades, contributing creative text and designs to the fields of video games, film and television, web series, document editing and more. Look to the left for samples!

Clients include:
* Sony Online Entertainment * Sony Pictures Animation * Electronic Arts * Atari / Paradigm Entertainment * 48 Hour Film Project * Four Points Project * FieldLogix GPS Fleet Management * Smart People Moving * ProFiltration * and many more!

WINNER - Best TV Pilot Screenplay - The Book of Job (San Diego Film Awards)
SEMI-FINALIST - Best Feature Film Screenplay - Well-Played Love (San Diego Film Awards)

If you're in the market for more than just the written word, I'm also an experienced video editor, an actor and model, and voice actor trained under my awesome mentor Richard Horvitz. Links to my other skillsets in the menu at the top.